Hi, I’m Ishi and welcome.

So who am I? I am an engineer, doctor and now, blogger with a passion for the outdoors, food and living a life you can be proud of. I am a strong advocate for sustainability and managing Earth’s water resources.

I studied Environmental Engineering (BSE) at the University of Michigan and whilst there, discovered a love for research and understanding the microbiological elements of sustainable solutions (in this case urine derived fertilizers). I had the opportunity to travel to the UN COP 22 and was empowered to learn, do and achieve more in this sector. I decided to continue my education and received my PhD in Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2021. This worked further focused on applying computational biology to water, wastewater and agricultural systems. Recently, I have continued my professional career at NIST in the DMV area.

But why am I creating a website and writing a blog? I have a passion for hobbies, deep dives and travel and want to create a platform to share what I’ve learned, to hopefully help others. I realized the importance of speaking up for oneself as well as being able to cook. I hope my platform can encourage others to try new food/places/things and hopefully learn something.

Feel free to reach out via my twitter and instagram!