Keenum Research Group at Michigan Tech

Environmental Engineering Microbiology



The Keenum Research Group focuses on improving our understanding of environmental microbiology in engineered systems in order to facilitate the safe and sustainable use of our resources. We use computational, lab and field methods to address questions related to environmental biotechnology

Antibiotic resistance in the environment

Persistance and propagation of antibiotic resistance in agricultural systems

Wastewater Surveillance

Tracking pathogens in wastewater systems can improve our understanding of community health

Improving data reuse and comparability of wastewater microbiome data

Current data of wastewater microbiomes is often not re-usbale due to lacking metadata and reporting

Impacts of disasters on engineered systems

Natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes can allow for pathogen infiltration in drinking water system s

Developing Bioinformatic tools for antibiotic resistance  

Developing new tools for computational biology can be critical as we learn more about antibiotic resistanc ein the environment