Halloween occurred this week and while I’m not someone for scary movies, I really like any excuse to get excited about anything and therefore I found myself very involved in Halloween shenanigans. One big (somewhat) aspect of halloween is the idea that things are scary and these things are ghosts, vampires, and zombies. But these aren’t really the things that scare me. It’s been interesting to see the transition into adult hood that I feel like I’ve finally reached and to realize there are much more terrifying things than you could imagine as a child.

I guess the things I’m scared of are mostly to do with ethics and I guess the lack thereof in others. I’m scared that when I get a job, I discover that my coworkers are not the upstanding citizens I initially thought they were. I hope that my personal gut reactions would be enough to keep me out of this situation, but honestly interviews are meant for both parties to show off.

I’m scared that our country doesn’t value science, the truth and that we are allowing the fear of others to dominate our policies. Whether this is about domestic or international policy, we can’t always assume the worst in everyone. Society can’t work like that. I’m worried that people who are competent to enact change won’t want to because they see the circus that we force our politicians and high ranked officials to go through. I think being accountable is important but I also think sometimes we place unrealistic expectations on our officials. We deter individuals who don’t want the hassle rather than based on their qualifications.

I’m worried that a large aspect of this class relies on going to the public in the case of an emergency or cover up, but I fundamentally believe people need to be able to trust government agencies, or they cease to function. I don’t know where the invisible line is between the two, but there seems to be an increasing lack of accountability that is troubling.

As a kid, my worst nightmare involved being chased by a TRex, probably because my parents let me watch Jurassic Park a bit too young, now I realize that maybe ghosts and dinosaurs aren’t as likely to cause major problems in my life, but the actions of fellow people certainly will.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a very interesting post. To be honest, such kind of things are scarier since I have taken this course. It suggests, at least to me, that when people know what's bad and come to empathize with the victims, we become more concerned. I agree with you; the society cannot function well when we assume the worst in everybody else. We need to connect with others more humanly to realize that there are more important things than putting ourselves first for everything. I guess we will be a better society if we take time to listen to both sides instead of assuming the worst in something or someone we oppose.

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