When you are white and live here you are expected to hire a gardener.  We hired the brother of the gardener across the road.  We like him very much and no surprise we like his brother too.  So if you have a gardener who cuts the grass and waters the flowers and plants the garden, what do you grow?

 People here grow a lot of corn but this is just a little backyard garden.  We need to get the seeds before the rain comes in a month or so.  We eat a lot of onions, garlic and carrots.  I hear eggplant grows well here, as well as pumpkin and watermelon.  I see cucumbers, mustard and okra at the market.  We have been eating cabbage instead of lettuce in salad.  I have not seen much lettuce.  I think folks grow for nutritional value here.  No one is trying to stay skinny.

There are avocado trees in the yard but they are not ripe.  The papaya are ripe.   Boy are they up high!  There is another fruit trees in the yard, a round green fruit.  I am not sure what it is.  Maybe it is a guava. I am not sure what a guava looks like.   I bet a fig tree would grow well here.  Makes me think of my aunts and cousins getting figs from their neighbors tree.  The mangoes should be coming soon.  There are a few in the market but they are very green.


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  1. My folks had an avocado tree in Orlando. My uncle told them it was a mistake to let the avocado grow tall, and he was right. You can't pick the avocados so they just fall down and attract rats. Bleh!

    Your garden and fruit situation sounds nice. How is the hospital?

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