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Who’s job is it to be ethical and to keep others in line? In this blog we’ll explore that question along with other ethical challenges that we all may face in the workplace.

Food & Water in Addis

The food here is fantastic. Take anything you’ve heard and its actually probably right. I would say though I have been surprised with how much Ethiopia’s food fits with Western diets or even just restricted diets. Their main food, Njera, is made from Tef which is not gluten containing and is really high in protein…
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Ethiopia Summer 2015

I can’t believe I’ve already been here a week!3 out of 4 of us arrived with no hiccups the first day ( eh 75 % isn’t bad). Our final team member arrived Monday due to unforeseen visa complications. ( Apparently you need a visa to sit in the international section of an airport) Starting out…
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Days 4, 5 & 6 Moscow to Seattle

After a night in Billings we hit the road yet again with Moscow, Idaho as the destination. For this day, unlike many of our others, we had fun stops within the day to break up the 9 hour drive. We began around 8 and set out to Wheat Montana in Three Forks, Montana. Along with…
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Day 3: Mount Rushmore to Billings

Sarah, here! After crashing in a surprisingly inexpensive- yet comfortable- hotel at the base of Mount Rushmore, Ishi and I ventured the two miles up the mountain, passing through the commercial tourist-trap of Keystone, South Dakota. Today’s weather on the mountain, with an elevation of about 4500 feet and a light covering of snow, was…
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Day 2: Omaha to Mount Rushmore

The day began much like any other day… Our hotel for the evening left a bit to be desired and we soon learned that you should read more than just the recommended reviews on trip advisor. The depressingly lit room that smelled strongly of men’s cologne turned out to be fine, but we slept in…
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Around the country in 20 days

My friend and I have embarked on a journey around the United States to see a part of the globe that both of us have missed. I can say I, at least, have been to more countries than states and this trip is my effort to remedy this. The goal is to do a grand…
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Chipitala Avenue

Chiptala Avenue Our house is off of Chiptala Avenue.  If someone asks, “Where do you live?” The general area is Ginnery Corner, (maybe they made gin here in colonial times.)  The house is just past the hospital and the ambulances pass multiple times a day.  No sirens, quiet passing.  My son asked why the ambulances…
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Gogo is the Chichewa name for grandmother.  It is endearing.  The grandmothers here may have had ten or more children and more than 50 grandchildren.  They are generally poor and loving.  They are revered and dearly loved.  In the hypertension clinic, a grandchild may have escorted his or her “Gogo”.  The doctor may say, “the…
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New campus

The University of Malawi is opening a new campus in Lilongwe the capital of Malawi.  This is the political capital and the place where the US embassy is located.  The decision was made to move the third year class to Lilongwe and they start this week.  It is the beginning of clinical medicine for the…
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