Chipitala Avenue

Chipitala Avenue

Chiptala Avenue

Our house is off of Chiptala Avenue.  If someone asks, “Where do you live?” The general area is Ginnery Corner, (maybe they made gin here in colonial times.)  The house is just past the hospital and the ambulances pass multiple times a day.  No sirens, quiet passing.  My son asked why the ambulances come this way, they have passed the hospital. 

The road forks going to our house, (plus a few others) and the mortuary.  There are many trips a day.  There is more to the brain drain than money.  It is discouraging to lose so many patients but for poverty, poor nutrition and high tech health care.  Doing you best helps one sleep, but the ambulance passes many times a day.


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  1. Losing patients is something I don't have to face. What a difficult aspect of doctoring. Bless the doctors and nurses.

  2. Brenda says:

    You always give your best. Your teachings will benefit the country for many long years.

  3. Faith Morrison says:

    Time for another blog entry?

  4. Brenda says:

    We're missing hearing from you. Hope all is well!

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