Took all day to wash and dry all the laundry by hand.  The washer was the appliance I missed the most the last time I was in Africa and no surprise it is again.  This trip it involves 4 people.  I worked and the electricity went out so I washed and rinsed and when I got all the clothes hung on the line the first ones were almost dry.  The air is very dry here now and the mid-day sun is hot.

I am luckier than most in Malawi, I have a stove (cooker) and a refrigerator and even electric lights are not common. Most Malawians use charcoal and cook on a clay pot.  This is one of the causes of deforestation in Africa.  The air is full of smoke in the city at dinner time as people cook nsima (grits) on open flames all up and down the street. We have a hot water heater too, called a geyser. We have been turning it on a half an hour before showers because the switch is convenient.   Yes, I went to another country to learn English.

I did get some academic work done today.  I was working on lectures, and an article and editing a paper.   Glad I have a laptop so I can keep working when the power goes off.  No internet now and then so I am learning to download what I need when it is on just in case.  Changing the way I work.  This requires flexibility and a sense of humor.  Procrastination does not work here. Better work while you can who knows about later.


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  1. Why do you have laundry to do for four people? Should not all four people be involved? I just had to say . . . .

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